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Our award-winning team of experts and creatives has been selected as one of the Best Video Production Companies in Colorado by DesignRush.

Pre-Production is part of our video production services where the overall video production plan is formed. From concepts, scriptwriting, and location scouting to scheduling, artwork, and messaging, this is where your video project begins to take shape. At Snowy Peak Films, this is the most important phase of any production; it ensures everything we do is on schedule, within budget, and delivered as promised to you, our client. As a Colorado video agency specializing in cinematic video production, we believe that a job worth doing is a job worth doing right!

Lights, Camera, Action! This is where the fun begins. Snowy Peak has decades of experience creating award-winning video with a network of the best “behind the camera” talent in Colorado. Directors, DPs, Audio Technicians, Lighting, Field Producers – all there to make your visual ideas come to life. At Snowy Peak, we utilize the latest digital cinema cameras, lighting, and sound equipment to capture your video in cinematic HD and 4K resolutions. 

Editing is where your story comes to life. Our editors, with years of experience cutting everything from long-form half-hour television shows to commercials to ten-second social media ads, have perfected the art of crafting a story. Fine-tuning the pace and flow of the video edits, sweetening the sound, and color grading the imagery to set the emotional tone is the final icing on the cake for your video.

Snowy Peak creates 2D animated videos in a variety of styles. We run the gamut from Kinetic text videos all the way to high-end, character-based animations to help everyone from startup businesses to Fortune 500 companies explain in customer-friendly ways their different service offerings.

Snowy Peak creates hyper-realistic 3D animated videos with an emphasis on industrial 3D. This includes medical device animation, animation in the oil and gas industry, high-end appliances, manufacturing, and even Information Technology devices. We are a group of talented 3D artists with a background in industrial design, 3D character animation and rigging, and motion graphic animation.

Incorporating aerial cinematography in your next video production is a great way to make your video unique. The unusual perspectives and sweeping vistas offer a look into your company, unlike any other video production technique. However, like any other type of video production style, drone videography begins in Pre-Production by defining the shots you want to capture and where you want to capture them.

On a production set, our Director has full responsibility for the overall look, composition, lighting, and production of filming. They have control over the setup of shots and oversees the video in scope and creative direction. The Director works directly with camera operators on position and angle of shots and also works with both the client and the writers to ensure the script fulfills the project’s mission. Our Director also helps cast roles for talent and directs them on set as part of our video production services.

A well-made video tells a story effortlessly and is where the story comes to life. Our video editors have superior creative skills telling stories visually by enhancing the creative vision contained within the script. We work with designers and sound engineers, incorporating elements into the final video to elevate our client’s vision.

Branding Services


Snowy Peak offers a full suite of advertising and communications services, from Brand Discovery and messaging to implementation and execution of marketing strategy.


An essential piece of any products’ success in the market, our full-service team are experts at creating a first-class experience for the consumer by distilling the brand promise into a packaged design.


The visual aspect of your brand created to evoke certain feelings, engagements, or experiences through a logo, color palette and imagery. We work with your team to create the visual identity and brand message used to drive all marketing materials.


We work with your internal team to create your brand message. This is the essence of who you are and what you stand for. Once we know the brand message, we use it as the base to keep all marketing and advertising campaigns on brand.

Marketing Services


With a focus on brand, demographics, competitors, trends, and marketing tactics, market research is the backbone of a marketing plan.


We run a full analysis of your brand making sure it resonates with your target market.


We run an audit of all existing marketing materials for consistency and cohesiveness across your brand. We use this audit to create a cohesive and comprehensive campaign strategy.


We build in-depth strategies across multiple mediums (video, print, radio, social) to ensure that your project goals are met.



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