Commercial Video Production

What is Commercial Video Production?

Commercial video production is for directly advertising a product or service to your customers but that doesn’t mean you just are showing what you’re selling. Often it’s the lifestyle that people are buying. How can your product help them live their best life? How can they go on without your service? We specialize in lifestyle videos, helping people to see themselves living the lifestyle they want because of your product or service!

” No matter the industry or audience, excellence is the one common element all of our clients share. Our client list is diverse and their industries broad, but they all focus on providing value and something unique that sets them apart from the competition. “

Commercial Video Production

Our philosophy is we know content, but you know your audience. For this reason, we are adamant about collaborating with you to create the best commercial possible. Commercials span a wide range of outlets including broadcast, social media, and YouTube Prerolls. All of these have different requirements in both time and size. 16:9 widescreen is standard, but several social media platforms utilize a 9:16 format, making planning and execution crucial to a successful campaign. Broadcast, which used to be the gold standard in quality, has become the lowest level we deliver. Typically we deliver 4K cinematic commercials and overshoot on set, allowing us to create additional spots without a second production.

commercial video production

Commercial Video Production has changed significantly over the 12 years Snowy Peak has been creating commercials for our clients. When we first launched our company, SD video was still the standard but HD (720p or 1080i at the time) was starting to take the lion’s share of the content. Now, we no longer produce content in HD. Instead, we shoot everything at a minimum of 4K and downres our content to HD (1080p) for broadcast. Internet content requires a higher resolution and we create everything with large screens in mind.

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