Video Editing

A well-edited video tells a story effortlessly and is where the story comes to life. 

video Editing and Directing
Video Editing

Video Editing is a fun step in the Video Production Process! It is also where the story comes together. During the editing process, we dive into the awesome footage collected during Production. We enter projects with a good idea of the finished video in mind, but as we go through the process and add the different pieces, it’s always a surprise to see just how the video comes together and becomes a work of art.


Editing is the lion’s share of Post-Production and a true art form in its own right. Editing requires a special person who is extremely creative yet technical and organized. We began our company focused on Post-Production and have a solid foundation in the art of storytelling- from concept through the editing process. 


Whether we are editing an interview-based corporate video, a documentary, or a commercial, we focus on the audience first and foremost. With the audience in mind, we tailor the story to fit the intended demographic and drive the maximum engagement possible. 


Different outlets need things created in unique ways and we relish the challenge. Social media may need a video to be created both horizontally and vertically. We excel in solving these problems and delivering exactly what our clients expect every time.


When we started 1080 HD broadcast video was the gold standard. Now it’s the bare minimum we deliver.


With our RED Raptor 8K, RED Komodo 6K, and Blackmagic Pocket Cam 6K Pro cinema cameras in-house, we are able to produce high-end cinematic videos for the big screen and conform the video at the end of the project if required for the final outlet.


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