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At Snowy Peak, we have years of experience working in every type of video production environment.

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Production days are fun, but there is a level of stress no matter how prepared we are. We work hard to ensure the time spent on set is enjoyable for everyone involved. Our team of professionals have years of experience both in the film industry and working together as a production team. We anticipate each other’s needs and make sure the production moves along both smoothly and efficiently. We don’t allow egos to get in the way, and we make sure that everyone is willing to do whatever it takes to get the job done. This allows us to produce the highest-quality videos possible!

We truly believe this approach works in your favor! We are able to keep crew sizes smaller; passing the savings on to our clients while still producing national-quality cinematic videos and commercials. We spend ample time on our Pre-Production Process so on the day of the shoot, everyone on the crew knows the script, knows the style, and knows what is expected of them on set. 

While we go into every shoot with a plan, we always recommend filming more than necessary. During filming, alternate options present themselves on set, and these give us options during our Post-Production Process. It is far more efficient and cost-effective to shoot everything while on set the first time because of the benefits. Not only does it give us options during video editing, but it also helps if our client decides creating additional videos would be nice.

We can travel light with a small crew or assemble a comprehensive team of cinematographers, directors, producers, gaffers, grips, sound engineers, production assistants, and more! Our video productions take us into all types of environments; if we need to climb up a roof to get the perfect shot, we’ll be happy to find a ladder!

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