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Before the camera starts rolling, Snowy Peak’s Pre Production process ensures all the puzzle pieces are on the table.

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During the pre-production phase, we create a comprehensive outline of all the details for the filming process. We make sure we have a strategic production plan in place so we can over-deliver on your expectations! And we excel at project management, keeping your team in the loop and engaged throughout the entire process.

We meet with your team to determine the goal(s) of the project, the style of video, and what the ultimate deliverable(s) will be. Are we filming indoors, outdoors, and/or across multiple locations? Do we need time to do a location scout? Who is going to be on camera or are we using a voice over? Who is the audience and where are they going to view the video(s)? 

When a video production is initially discussed all of the details matter. It’s our job to walk your team through all the options and make sure you are 100% satisfied with the direction and style of videos; before we ever get on set.

All of this planning allows us to work efficiently gathering the footage we need to tell your story. Our years of experience in a wide variety of conditions on set have prepared us for every type of unexpected bump in the road, so ultimately, we can usually ensure a smooth video shoot. For example, we recommend scheduling a backup date for some outdoor shoots in case weather is an issue.

Our pre-production process ensures there are no surprises because we involve our clients every step of the way. Our Pre-Production Services include:


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