2D and 3D Animation

Animation is the most versatile style of video production… and we are pros!

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2D Animation

2D Animation is a great way to showcase a new product or service. We excel at this very popular Explainer Video style. Snowy Peak creates 2D animated videos in a variety of styles from Kinetic text videos all the way to high-end, character-based animations. We love the opportunity and challenge that comes from taking an abstract concept and turning into a clear and concise video that not only explains a service or product but leads to better sales and increased services for our clients. We help everyone from startup businesses to Fortune 500 companies explain in customer-friendly ways their different service offerings.

3D Animation

3D Animation is a specialized service often not offered by production companies. Snowy Peak creates hyper-realistic 3D animated videos with an emphasis on industrial and Medical 3D. It is a perfect and elegant solution to show the complex workings of a product, offering the ability to see inside a device without physically deconstructing the product. This includes medical device animation, animation in the oil and gas industry, high-end appliances, and even Information Technology devices. We are a group of talented 3D artists with a background in industrial design, 3D character animation and rigging, and motion graphic animation.

PeopleForBikes RideSpot App 2D Animation

HealthCare Support

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