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Client Overview

Where Food Comes From, Inc., is an independent, third-party food verification company. They publish information on how food is grown and raised, helping people to make informed decisions about the food they choose by providing insight on the practices and methods of the farms providing it.

The Challenge

Where Food Comes From engaged Snowy Peak to create a 2-minute commercial to air on every American Airlines flight during the months of October and November 2018. Historically, a predominantly B-B business, this project was particularly challenging as it was the first attempt by Where Food Comes From to actively engage and promote their service to a wider consumer audience. Ultimately the goal of the video is to drive consumer engagement with the Where Food Comes From brand, leading to a better-informed consumer who will take action and will request the food available to them is 3rd-party verified.

Our Solution

The Snowy Peak team provided both strategic and creative guidance in several areas to help Where Food Comes From identify the target audience, create a general brand message, and engage a consumer to act.

We worked with the Where Food Comes From internal team to determine the core target demographic, create the message and overall theme of the video, and connect the emotional act of eating to the knowledge and understanding of the food labeling system.

Through conducting brand sessions with the WFCF team, we identified women age 37-50 as the primary target. While this is the primary target, the video we were asked to create would be shown to a very broad audience so the theme and story needed to resonate with more than one target demographic.

Message: Once we knew the story we needed to tell, we wrote the script showcasing a typical food producing family and connected their lives cinematically to our target demographic. By showing how similar the daily lives of both food producers and urban families are, we were able to show how much quality matters because, in the end, we all eat the same food.

Video: Video has always been a great medium for emotional storytelling. By using real families in both the urban and rural environments to show the diversity this issue touches, we were able to bring honest emotion and trust to the video. Everyone eats and we all need to know where our food comes from.

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