The Sawaya Law Firm

The Challenge

The Sawaya Law Firm contacted Snowy Peak Films with the unique challenge of taking a long-standing Personal Injury Attorney firm and introducing a new managing partner after 45 years, Rob Willhite. The Sawaya Law Firm has a very established brand and is well known throughout the mountain west region as one of the top Personal Injury firms. We were asked if we could produce a different style of commercials in a way that fits Rob’s personality. The keys being an emphasis on quality and lifestyle while maintaining the integrity of the firm.

Our Solution

We brought a unique lifestyle approach to the PI Attorney market in a crowded Colorado advertising space. Taking the time to get to know our client, his passions, and his personality, allowed us to bring a unique and more human side to what is traditionally a very cookie-cutter commercial genre.

Utilizing a cinematic lifestyle approach we began by filming outside where Rob enjoys many of Colorado’s activities. We related the hard work and effort of Cycling and Trail Running to what it takes to be a successful lawyer. We used the natural beauty of the mountains as well as some picturesque locations around Denver to emphasize how local and invested in the community the law firm is. At the same time, we shot inside their office building but with a focus on lighting and movement to raise the quality and show the natural beauty of their facility. All of this helped to create unique and impactful commercials.


The commercials have been extremely well received and we have built a great relationship with the firm. We are currently in the process of creating a new set of commercials and building on our previous success.

Our Services

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Can’t imagine using another production company ever again — Professional, creative, timely…Snowy Peak is a 10/10!

Jozie LaViolette – Director of Marketing





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