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Client Overview

Mesa Solutions is a power solutions company that specializes in natural gas generators. They wanted updated branding videos across several different audiences all with the theme, Responsible, Reliable, Power Solutions.

The Challenge

Mesa Solutions is a rapidly growing company and noticed a need for new videos. Mesa called on Snowy Peak Films to create several new commercial and corporate branding videos to showcase their extensive lineup of natural gas-based generators. Mesa excels in high-performance power output for industries such as Oil & Gas and Cryptomining. With several different solutions, all designed, built, and tested at their facilities in the United States, they needed multiple videos to get their messages across.

Our Solution

Snowy Peak is always ready to travel! Mesa Solutions is spread across several states but is headquartered in Colorado with its main manufacturing plant in Casper, Wyoming. Our crew was thrilled to have the opportunity to film both locations, plus 2 customer locations, over several days.

Mesa trusted us to create the look and feel of the videos while using our unique style to capture B-Roll in a cinematic style. We believe in using the right tool for the job so we used a combination of DJI Inspire 2, Mavic 3, RED Komodo, RED Raptor, and Blackmagic Pocket 6K cameras to capture all the footage across both facilities.

We created a 2-camera interview setup in multiple locations with an automated slider holding a Pocket 6K camera as our B Cam for interviews and flew the Komodo on a DJI Ronin RS3 for smooth gimbal shots, but the workhorse was the RED Raptor. The ability to change frame rates and sizes from 5K to 8K and shoot slow motion down to 190fps for welding created dynamic footage with a quality that can’t be beat.

For a shoot with so many variables, it was critical to bring a gaffer with a full grip truck to make sure we could really dial in the lighting. The combination of good light, good gear, and a great crew created some phenomenal videos.


We created 4 longer commercial brand videos intended as recruiting and informational videos for a few different Mesa audiences as well as some short videos for distribution on social media. We made it a point to cover a large variety of situations and departments and while we found the world of generators fascinating, the people really make these videos.

We realized early in production that we needed to focus on showing all the different personalities and how Mesa works hard to create a culture of family. In the end, Mesa is thrilled with the videos and has already started talking to us about doing additional shoots in the future.

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