Keeping Colorado Local

Client Overview

Keeping Colorado Local is a group of liquor store owners, craft brewers, and craft distillers fighting the large, out-of-state corporations trying to bring beer, wine, and liquor into supermarkets and convenience stores. In addition they are fighting to keep delivery out of corporations such as Door Dash and Uber Eats. 

The Challenge

Keeping Colorado Local came to Snowy Peak Films to help get their message out about how the 2022 election propositions 124, 125, and 126 are about more than just convenience. We were asked to produce interview-style videos showcasing different local owners around the state and how these different initiatives will hurt not only their businesses but their communities too. In addition, we were tasked with creating a series of broadcast commercials with very tight deadlines. We needed to find local teens willing to be filmed for a broadcast commercial as well as a location that represents almost any neighborhood in Colorado... and we had to do this within 24 hours. In the end, we produced one live-action and two animation-based broadcast commercials as well as four interview-based informational videos for digital use.

Our Solution

As a local video production company, we were able to travel to several liquor stores for interviews across all of Colorado. We spent time in Eagle, Silverthorne, Fort Collins, Boulder, and Denver interviewing the owners and filming the different stores. And when called upon for a fast turnaround of broadcast commercials, we sourced talent and location very quickly. Our crew is all local making this deadline not only doable but no corners were cut and the end result is an informative and visually stunning commercial as well as impactful animated videos.


The commercials aired on broadcast and cable television leading up to the November election and the interviews were shown on different websites and digital platforms. The broadcast live-action commercial was shared among local brewers' groups to help get the message out and earned the attention of national corporations. We are very proud of how this campaign has gone and our client is thrilled with the quality, speed, and variety of messaging Snowy Peak was able to generate.

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