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Client Overview

Greeley Colorado is a vibrant, diverse city on Colorado’s front range. They wanted to share their culture and lifestyle with a broad audience. The goal… to get people interested in visiting and moving to Greeley.  

The Challenge

Barnhart Communications reached out to us to help tell the different stories of Greeley. Greeley is known for having the University of Northern Colorado as well as some large industries. Specifically meat packing and ranching. But Greeley has a vibrant art scene as well as a diverse culture and they wanted to showcase how unique of a city it truly is. To do this, Barnhart started a campaign called My Greeley. This campaign focused on how different Greeley’s reality is compared to the perception and highlighted the different art and cultural activities available to visitors and residents alike. We were asked to film these different art forms and produce several commercials.

Our Solution

We spent several days filming in and around Greeley producing cinematic video productions that touch on how many unique things there are to do within Greeley. Working with Barnhart, we created several different commercial videos all focused on different types of art. We had the opportunity to spend time with local performers, potters, sculptors, painters, chefs, bakers, baristas, brewers… and even a truly unique man who creates scary masks and characters.


We created three initial videos for the My Greeley campaign. These videos were extremely well received and we were asked to return a second year to further the campaign showcasing several festivals and amenities available to the residents of Greeley. This is what we love! The ability to dive into our client’s projects and provide a unique style and story that is in its own way, a work of art.

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